Buck the …. well, he’s not a Corgi or a Jack Russell Terrier.

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Buck arrived at Celtic Corgi Rescue in November 1. It was believed he was a corgi mix, but it is obvious he is not. He had been running stray for a very long time. One lady took him in and immediately regretted it. She sent him to the shelter. Buck might be a chihuahua mix, or a dachshund mix, or a mix of both (chiweenie).  He was a mess when he first arrived here. He didn’t trust anyone. He was opinionated and bossy and didn’t want to be picked up. The concept of housetraining was foreign to him.  As the person who makes the decisions at Celtic Corgi Rescue, and Buck’s foster mom, I thought “Oh, Lord, what have I gotten myself into??”  But as time went on, Buck started to settle down, relax around me and my boyfriend and our two dogs. Eventually, he was crawling into our laps and snuggling in.  He obediently goes into his crate for bedtime. He has learned the doggy door and is making great strides toward being completely housetrained.  At Christmas I was making strawberry jelly and one batch didn’t set up, so I dumped out the jars and put them in the dishwasher.  Before I knew it, Buck was inside the dishwasher letting the jelly from the jars on the top rack drip down on him as he gleefully licked it up. By the time I got him out, he was completely covered in jelly, and we are still trying to get it off.

Buck would do best in a home without small children and he will not tolerate having his ears or tail pulled or being picked up by someone who does not know the proper way to pick up a dog. He is super lovable and will bond with his person quite tightly.  He is about 20 pounds, with a short single coat.  He’s a happy dog and will  make someone a wonderful companion.