What the heck is Buckles, anyway?

Posted: 11 months ago | Category: Foster Stories

Buckles came to us as a “corgi mix” but although some people look at him with one eye closed and say “uhm, sure, I can see that in him” I’m convinced he is, in fact, a chiweenie (chihuahua dachshund cross). First, his body is longer than it is tall, and his front legs have that bow look to them like a dachshund,  But his attitude, well, his attitude is 100% chihuahua. One of our vets opined recently that he may be a Jack Weenie Terrier (you’ll figure that out), based on his larger size and his attitude.  Buckles has been here since November. He’s had one application on him. They came to visit.  Buckles sat in the man’s lap, clearly enamored. The man also seemed to really like him. But the man’s mother… she had a different opinion. She wanted a small dog, she said.  So, they left without Buckles.  I think anything under 20 pounds is small, but that’s just me. Buckles’ back story is a mystery, except we know he was allowed to roam all over, intact, doing whatever he pleased. Given his size, I’m sure what he has is little man syndrome. He’s most likely terrified but puts on a big show to protect himself. He’s learned that if he screams, people will quit doing whatever they are doing that he doesn’t like. Since he’s been here he has improved greatly. He still needs to be muzzled at the vet. Still will scream if approached too quickly by someone he doesn’t know from the wrong direction at preciously the wrong speed and angle. Otherwise, he’s GREAT.

Ahem… anyhoo. I love Buckles very much, but I do think he belongs in a different home. For starters, he would love to eat my chickens. They are safely confined in their coop, but he looks at them like they… well, like they taste like chicken.  Also, Side Kick Rudy, the resident Corgi here plays VERY rough and it causes Buckles to scream like a little brother (or sister). While Buckles co-habits with the others here fine, I think he would prefer to have his own person, his own lap, and not required to share. He would love a home where someone dressed him in dapper little sweaters and took him shopping. He has some behavior problems, I’m not going to sugar coat that, but they are not deal breakers. He’s not aggressive, he’s defensive. He is a frightened little puppy trying to put on a brave face to protect himself.  Just look at that little face. Don’t you need a Buckles in your life?

I’ve decided to DNA test through the Wisdom Panel. It is not something I would normally do, nor have ever done, with one of the fosters. But, if information is power, perhaps proof of Buckles’ breed mix would help us market him more effectively and just the right person would come along to say “Yep, that’s my dog.”  The test says we should have results in 2-3 weeks. Let’s keep our fingers cross that he is a rare short coated corgi with a tail. What do YOU think he is?