The big reveal

Posted: 4 months ago | Category: Foster Stories

Once upon a time, a few generations ago, a Pekingese met a mutt; a Pomeranian met a Dachshund; a Miniature Schnauzer met a Chihuahua; and two mutts met each other. These 4 sets of dogs, got together as intact dogs will do, and created a Pekingmutt, a Pomadash, a Mini Schnahuahua and a mutt.  The Pekingmutt and Pomadash got together and created a Pekingmuttpomadash. The Mini Schnauhuahua and the mutt got together and created a Mini Schnauhuahuamutt.  The Pekinmuttpomadash and Mini Schnauhuahua got together and created Buckles. So there you have it. Buckles is a melting pot of small breeds. Unique in every way with no strong leanings toward any particular breed. He is still waiting for  his forever home.  Apply to adopt Buckles. You won’t be sorry.