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Frequently Asked Questions

Full details on each available corgi is in their album http://www.dogsweetdog.com/celtic-corgi-rescue/adopt/

Well, you have to wait until we have puppies, which could be tomorrow, or next year. We don’t order them in. They come in when they come in. There is also a wait list for puppies, so even if you wait a year, there may be someone ahead of you who has waited a year and a day. Best bet? Be OK with an adult dog. They usually come housetrained and without all those crazy puppy behaviors; or contact us for a list of reputable breeders (but be prepared to wait for a puppy there too, and also to pay a huge price).

Please complete our online application http://www.dogsweetdog.com/celtic-corgi-rescue/adoption-application/

Once you are approved “generally” then we can help you decide on the right dog for your home, or you can be put on a waiting list until the right dog arrives.

Please, do not apply if (1) you are under 18 years old; (2) have not consulted with your spouse, parent, roommate, or significant other; (3) live in “no pets” housing; (4) are looking for an emotional assistance dog, but you’ve only met your therapist once, through email; (5) live in a college dormitory; (6) need to ask for a payment plan on the adoption fee or (7) are not providing proper care to your existing pets

Seriously? Stupid question, but the answer is no. No. No and no. No corgi leaves the rescue with their reproductive organs. Go away. Never come back.

Yes, we do adopt out of state. You MUST have a good vet reference in your name. We do not adopt out of state to first time dog owners. You must arrange for transport at your expense. We can give advice on that, but we want you to do the work. That may be via commercial flight, via ground transport or you coming here to pick up your corgi. If you have other dogs, it is best to consider their needs and temperaments before bringing in another dog. We cannot fly dogs in the very hot summer or very cold winter as there are temperature restrictions.

No. We do not have a shelter or a central facility. All the dogs are in private foster homes. We will not allow a visit to a foster home until you have returned the application and are approved for adoption This eliminates disappointment to an applicant, and inconvenience to the foster parents. Please understand this is not negotiable.

Yes, with certain provisions (1) We need to have available foster space, so you may be asked to give us time for space to open up. We prefer that you keep your dog in your home and send good applicants your way to save the dog from multiple relocations. But if you cannot keep him one minute longer, we will do everything within our power to take him in. You work with us, we will work with you. (2) We will not take dogs who have a bite history. We can’t place dangerous dogs and we don’t have space or resources to keep them forever. Please seek out a trainer for help or consider doing the responsible thing of having your biter put down in love before he seriously hurts someone. (3) We only take corgis and SOMETIMES a mix if it is more corgi than not. (4) If you asked us to take your corgi (help you), please make sure your corgi is vaccinated, neutered and heartworm tested before bringing him to us (help us) or make a donation to cover these expenses. The average corgi stays with us 60 days. He’ll need food, and flea and heartworm prevention at the very least. Rescue is expensive. Our owner relinquishment form is here http://www.dogsweetdog.com/relinquishment/

Please send us an email at ccrescue@dogsweetdog.com or use the contact us button.

Every volunteer here at Celtic Corgi Rescue has a full time job, families and responsibilities outside the rescue. We are not ignoring you, we are having dinner. Please be patient. Usually 24 hours will get you a response. Sometimes 48. We appreciate your patience.

We use foster homes in Central Oklahoma ONLY. The process for applying to be a foster family is the same as adoption. You must be willing and able to take the dog to vet appointments if necessary. We provide everything the dog needs, you just add love (and transportation). Complete your foster or volunteer application here http://www.dogsweetdog.com/celtic-corgi-rescue/volunteer/